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 Creating Safe Environments for You

Mission and Values

At Corbin Security Solutions we recognize the value of our employees, customers and clients. We are dedicated to providing safe environments for all of our valued stakeholders.


Our management team and employees will deliver a professional product to our clients, and customers. Company employees will have a neat, clean, uniformed appearance as designated by the assignment.


Ethical behavior is required of all employees. All regulatory guidelines and industry standards will be followed. Ethics training is required of all employees. Our representatives will respect our clients, property, employees and proprietary information at all times.

Dedicated to Providing Excellent Customer Service to Our Clients.

Corbin Security Solutions is an Arkansas based company that provides uniformed security guards across the state. We provide guards to industrial, residential and business clients. Our guards receive quality training that exceeds the standards set by the State’s Regulatory Board. Through extensive interviews and background checks, we are able to select employees that are dedicated to providing exemplary service to our clients.

We diligently work with each client no matter how large or small to develop and implement security solutions that fit their individual needs. We train our guards and staff to adapt to different situations as they occur. Corbin Security Solutions believes that every employee is not only an ambassador for our company but also each client we serve. Each employee that is paired with a client is selected to fit the personality and culture of the client and industry represented.

Our team approach to management provides us opportunities to identify potential issues and respond to them in a timely manner. We are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients. Supervisory staff is available 24/7 to address the ever changing security services environment. We recognize that the key to our success is open and fluid communications with our clients.